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Leading The Way

HARTMANN is one of the leading providers of wound treatment and skin integrity solutions around the world.

Wound dressings and maintaining healthy skin have been at the heart of HARTMANN from the beginning, when

we introduced the world’s first absorbent wound dressing over 200 years ago.

Patient care is our priority. HARTMANN strives to enable the progression towards complete healing that patients

deserve and strengthen the confidence that healthcare professionals need to provide it.

Our Solutions Work

HARTMANN’s comprehensive product portfolio goes further in helping healthcare professionals choose the right product for every patient need.

Explore the HARTMANN product line with

Our Solutions are proven.

The products that support our solutions are the result of HARTMANN’s 200 years of medical experience,ensuring effective and clinically verified solutions.

Our Solutions are easy to use.

Easy-to-use solutions are critical for successful healing. This is why our expertly designed products are tested to ensure simple handling and usage.

Our Solutions are cost effective.

To make healing accessible for everyone, we have

designed a broad product portfolio with outstanding

and proven value to fit any care setting need.

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