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LoFric® Origo™

LoFric® is the worlds first hydrophilic intermittent catheter. The coating is activated by soaking the catheter in water, which forms a layer of lubrication.

LoFric® Origo™ is designed to provide safe, hygienic and convenient catheterization. Is is foldable to pocket size, discreet, and easy-to-use.

LoFric® Primo™

LoFric® Sense™

LoFric® Sense™ is a ready-to-use catheter, tailor-made for women. Small and discreet, with an ergonomic handle which allows for a better grip and non-touch technique.

The LoFric® Primo™ is a ready-to-use catheter. It has an integrated insertion aid allowing for a non-touch technique. It is foldable, simple, and discreet.

LoFric® Hydro-Kit™

SimPro™ Now

The SimPro™ Now hydrophilic catheter is packaged with its own sterile water to enable you to safely catheterize even where there is no clean water source available .

LoFric® Hydro-Kit™ is a complete all-in-one catheter kit - it includes the catheter, a sterile salt solution sachet and an integrated urine collection bag.